The PhoenixTrack Difference - Custom Price Fetch Frequency

The PhoenixTrack Difference - Custom Price Fetch Frequency

Now set custom price-fetch frequency on products you track, and never miss alerts!


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PhoenixTrack keeps tabs on prices on Amazon across the globe and 10+ other shopping platforms in India. We guarantee notifications when the price drops.

Why Should You Care?

Tons of companies promise price-tracking. They are sub-optimal and don't work. Consumers are left in the dark for something as basic as price-fetch frequency.

Think about this: How does a company know when the price drops or changes?

They need to constantly fetch the price for each individual product in the platform, which is in millions if not billions. Amazon as of 2023, had upwards of 353M listed products. Tracking per-second price movements for each site isn't feasible.

So most companies we analyzed track prices every ~8 hrs or even 24 hrs and send you a notification. Understandably, they never know if the price drops or goes up within the time between their checks, and that doesn't show up in their graphs, resulting in delayed unactionable notifications. Not with PhoenixTrack, here you decide the price tracking frequency.

We analyzed customer reviews for 10+ price-tracking apps and websites in India and 50+ across the globe, and found that the most common complaint was price drops not showing up in price-tracking graphs. Now you know why.

Secondly, a lot of consumers incorrectly believe that product prices don't change that often. While for a lot of products, prices don't change multiple times a day, this is mostly not right for high-value products with sellers using advanced demand forecasting and market-reactive models to update prices algorithmically, even hourly or less. As expert buyers know, price tracking is the difference between scoring steal deals and seeing the dreaded out-of-stock message.

Thus for high-value items, it definitely is worth tracking. From anecdotal experiences, I was able to score a wonderful deal on the phone I use which usually costs 40k at a mere 22k on Flipkart, it sold out within 15 minutes. A friend of mine was able to get a 6.5k price drop on Amazon, which lasted for 33 minutes. We know as we used PhoenixTrack.

What Problems does PhoenixTrack solve?

  1. No option to select the frequency at which a price tracker retrieves prices.

  2. Unreliable alerts, which don't track all price changes.

  3. Delayed notifications.

The PhoenixTrack way

PhoenixTrack fetches prices at a frequency of your choosing, thereby removing any uncertainty about when we fetched the prices, and each price fetched for you is visible on your dashboard, something we're proud to share are the only ones to do in the market.

Then with the price fetched, we only notify you if the price differs from the previous fetched price and the current price is at or below your price threshold.

Notifications are guaranteed to reach your WhatsApp within 2 seconds of the price fetch. So your 1 minute alerts are really the prices every 1 min and don't have any hidden latency.

Simplicity and Value above all else

Simplicity and Value for you are the cornerstones of everything we do at PhoenixHQ. To know more about our products and services, simply hit subscribe onscreen, and do try out the product on, you get 300 free credits from this link.

We want to make your shopping experience guilt-free, so buy everything you love with the confidence that you got the best value for your money.